Meghan's Mountain

Meghan's Mountain Charitable Foundation, Inc.


in our prayers

This section is to pray for those who are climbing their mountain in the fight against cancer and to remember those we lost - all of whom will always be a part of the Meghan's Mountain family.  If you would like to include yourself or someone you know, please email us at

We pray for the health of those in our meghan's mountain family who are climbing to the top of their mountain in the fight against cancer

Patrick McSweeney

Jimmy Bowles

Larry Powell

Stuart Haseker

we lovingly remember and include in our prayers

Sarah "Meghan" Steinberg

Shannon McKeon

Kentucky Supreme Court Justice William E. McAnulty, Jr.

Bruno Nardi

Cheryl Brawner

Danielle Deseni

Alan Waldman

Jefferson Circuit Judge Ellen Ewing

Pauline Bartucci

John L. Wheatley

Denise Fleck

Gary Ashby

Bari Wolynn

John Piotrowski

Irv Klempner

Jeanette Heintz

Brian Shawler

Dr Jim Holtman

Isabella Jade Humbert, age 2

Sean Robinson, age 8

Danielle Mueller

Crystal Jeffries, age 11

David Klein

Jonnae Taylor

Chloe Newman

Natasha Collins

Dora LaDuke

Chuck Duvall

Jodi Polikov

Charlie Moore

Irma Yoffe

Sue Morris

Bruce Kranz

Ali Omar

Eric Jenkins

Malcolm Christopher Chancey

Robert "The Great' Hart, age 14